Hello world!

Welcome to “the currents”.

The dictionary in my Macbook computer define currents as “belonging to the present time (adj); happening or being used or done now : keep abreast of current events”. The noun form of currents is “a flow of electricity which results from the ordered directional movement of electrically charged particles”. Of course there are any other meanings of this word. My point is, as its name, this web log is designed to give a current information about me and my work; current information and news, and any other interesting themes and topics. I cant promised you that it will be shocking as a currents, but I can assure you that it’ll drowned you in its currents.

My name is Joel Munte and today is 12.23 am. Not yet sleep, but I’m very happy finally I have (and I did) my own weblog. Hope you enjoy my writings, it’ll be fun.


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