Mumbai Terror


Terror (again?)
Terror (again?)

The official death toll rose to 183. But the police said they were still waiting for the final figures of dead bodies (New York Times). 

The chairman of one of India’s fastest-growing banks, the sister of a Bollywood actor, a Times of India journalist and the chief of India’s Anti-Terrorism Squad were among Indians killed in the four-day terrorist siege in Mumbai. Eighteen foreigners, including five Americans, were killed in attacks on nine sites Wednesday through Saturday in India’s commercial capital; at least 165 Indians died. Several news outlets reported that Ashok Kapur, chairman of Yes Bank, was killed Wednesday at the Oberoi hotel.(CNN)

The killers stormed the streets of Mumbai, India’s financial capital, with machine guns and bags of grenades. They did not strike with the terrorist’s fleeting anonymity. Their work was fastidiously deliberate. It went into a second day, then a third. They took time to ask your nationality and vocation. Then they spared you, or herded you elsewhere, or shot you in the back of your skull. 

Where the Deaths Occurred
Where the Deaths Occurred

As a surprise attack became a 48-hour struggle, the burden of responding transferred from the police to soldiers. The language was of war: television anchors spoke of buildings “sanitized” and “flushed out,” of “final assaults” and “collateral damage.” Helicopters hovered over Mumbai, and commandos dropped onto roofs. The grainy television imagery suggested not so much a terrorist attack as the shapeless, omnidirectional chaos of Iraq. “It is an Indian variant of 9/11, and today India needs to respond the way America did,” Ravi Shankar Prasad, a member of Parliament from the rightist Bharatiya Janata Party, said on television. (Week in Review-NYT).

CNN recently reported that Indian Home Minister Shivraj Patil has submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying he would take “moral responsibility” for the Mumbai attacks, a Home Ministry spokesman said Sunday.

What’s going on here? When will this stop? What’s next? 

(For interactive map about current condition in Mumbai, India, click here.)


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