Teen Sex- Shocking Facts..!!

I know this matter is happen in our society nowadays, but I didn’t know that its already a big issue until I watched a video from MSNBC where Tyra Banks appeared on NBC Today’s Show talking about her survey on Teen Sex. The findings are shocking to any youth leader. As I watched the clip, young girls showed there are in their early teens but already involved in sex and some of them are not even ashamed of saying that they want to be moms before they reach 15. Banks’ survey is indeed shocking! This is an interesting topic to trouble all of us who work with these dear teens.Watch this video clip carefully.

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Now, I want to propose a question. Quoted from Dr. Baraka Muganda (Seventh-Day Adventist Church World Youth Leader) sayings, “Are parents loosing in their role of teaching and raising kids who know about their human development and what the Bible calls for? How about the church, our own youth ministry are we doing enough? Where are the parents? Where are the churches? Where are the schools?.” Please give me your opinion in the comment box.


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