Countdown to Graduation..

Hi all,

Hope you’re in good condition right now. Me? No, Im not in a good shape right now!!

As you guys knows (or not), Im currently preparing my graduate project a.k.a thesis. My thesis subject is about investment and I will be discussing socially responsible investment there, comparing ethical investment such as DS400 and faith-based investment CV400 (Catholic) and DJ-IMUS (Islam) with conventional investment, SP500. Its interesting, knowing that people or investors nowadays are getting more aware about their environment (greenhouse gas emission-EPA, car’s MPG, global warming, renewable energy, biodiesel, etc), and its social surrounding (corporate social responsibility-how company run their business, Iraq’s war, hunger in Africa, recession, etc). Those reasons, and of course backed by another reasons, make the investor more sharp-witted about using their money. Yes, profit is always number one, but if the return they get by investing in investment that socially conscious and environmentally save is just the same or higher (for good sakes, Lord please make that happen often), why not try to invest to those kind of things, sorry investment. So thats why “smart financial engineering major/concentration graduated people” see that opportunity and make that kind of investments to investor to choose (Ill upload information about these later, or perhaps my thesis for sure). For Moslems, Sharia (please forgive me if I wrote this wrong) kind of investment has been in the market since its inception and mostly in Moslem countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, or even in Great Britain, many Sharia Bank(s) is erected and numerous financial institution based on this principle was established. So, this is pretty much description about what Im doing right now with my thesis, besides the test that I run of course.

Anyway, the reason I tell you this is because, I only have 44 days to graduation and so much to be done. So, to makes you scarier about what is happen to me right now, here is the deadlines that I face until now:

1. First Format Review Deadline: May 15, 2009

2. Final Format Review Deadline: June 12, 2009

3. Binding Payment Deadline: June 19, 2009

Luckily, I started to write down my thesis, no I mean “get-together-the-data” , since Summer last year, but mostly its “pending-in-status” because of loads of works and classes requirements. So, practically, I just start to write this quarter (which thanks God  I dont have anymore classes to take, only this thesis writing, but I have to pay though – this is another story by the way), and Im already at “Findings” section (which is chapter 4 right before conclusion, so what is that mean? near to finish..), and some minor “augmentation” in literature review (chapter 2) section. The problem is, all these things, from introduction until conclusion, in other words all must be done before May 15th to be reviewed by Graduate Office. Hell yeah, a lot more to be done, huh.

So, I decided, to update my status everyday in this weblog until I graduated, what Im doing and stuffs so you guys pretty much know about my condition here. I know, I know, I getting disturbed of you who ask me, “hows the thesis going on?”, “when will you graduated?”, “when will you come home?”, “what’s your plan after graduated?”, and so on.. So, I hope this updates will help you to “get-in-touch” about me more often, perhaps understand me better, after hearing “fresh-from-the-horse’s-mouth”. Yes, Twitter is better, I agree but  got no cellphone right now (Im a poor business student – how come? business? poor? why dont you utilize your “business intuition, man!) so I can update you more often, but who cares

Ok, so are you ready to rumble? Lets get it on..


3 thoughts on “Countdown to Graduation..

  1. well Joel, good luck with the thesis and everything..
    i’m sure it keeps u really busy.. but at least u’re busy doing something. and for sure.. that is much, much.. better than busy doing nothing! ;). Just think about how u’ll feel when it’s all over.
    And u’re almost done.. YAY! so u’re in a good path! 😉
    i’m sure u’ll rock that thesis 🙂
    good luck again.


  2. grazie.. thanks for putting some faith on me for what I do now..
    God bless u even more.. hope everything goes as planned, and hope to see you soon (?)

  3. Hey!
    You’re very welcome.
    I just red that you’re done with the first draft of the paper…
    woo-hoo!!! 😀
    good for u!

    well best of luck with everything.. although, come to think about it.. u prolly don’t even need the luck 😉

    hope to see u soon (?) — i responding to that… i shall say… back at ya… 😉


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