Looking for a job..

Currently looking for a job now. Any information from you will be greatly appreciated.

My background is Finance, Banking, and Accounting, with special interest in Financial and Economic Research, Management Development/Human Resources, and Specialized Banking Services Integration. For more inquiry about my record, please see my “Curriculum Vitae” tab. Thank you.


One thought on “Looking for a job..

  1. A few things you might think about is writing a list of things you want out of an employer. I wrote a blog called “Employer Wanted Ad” that said that. Make a list of what you want/need to work and work hard. I’m also laid off, so also know that your not alone. Also remember that we have the numbers on our side, 11 million plus. Don’t let them push you around. Get a clear goal of what you want and what type of employer/job your looking for. That’s the hard part. The second part, getting the job just takes patience.

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