Day 35


Its very hot today.. sounds, smells, feels like summer is at the door.


Weather forecast reported that in my area there will be high 90’s throughout this week, so it’ll be great. There will be some unbuttoned shirts, some skin exposures, some shorts or hot-pants, some “casualties” and some sweats involved. Swimming, sunshine, long days, warmth, beach, sno-cones, or even fireflies will be in the corner somewhere? So, are you happy with summer days? Last year statistics done by Woman’s Health Magazine about summer showed that in the summer 63% of woman prefer beach than the mountain to get tanned (of course, where else), ‘coz 61% says that they think it looks better for them with a tan. But you know what, only 9% of women who actually swim at the beach, the rest? guess…

Me, myself, despite of the summer craziness, I’m very happy now, because finally I did finished my thesis and submitted it for the first review (yaaayyyy). Last Friday, May 15th is the deadline and I barely meet the deadline ( maybe I’m to exaggerating it..), because I have to wait for my second reader professor and the department chair signatures in the paperwork. I finally got their signatures at 2.00 PM in the afternoon, after waiting since 10 AM and went back and forth 2nd Fl – 4th Fl – 5th Fl Jack Brown Building just to find and wait for them. Yes, Im tired, but, Im so glad and praise the Lord for His kindness, everything was went smooth. I appreciate myself for that day’s effort with a Carl’s Jr 99c Spicy Chicken Sandwich..(what a broke student..) and smile at whole over my face.

So, Joel you’re done then? Not so fast my friend. The Graduate Office will check it in for plagiarism check and other writing misspelling, layouts and other writing requirements. After that there will be more reviews until the last review which is June 12th, the final review. Please pray for me for that, and hopefully everything will goes as expected.

Ok then, thats it about my thesis countdown. I’ll update you later, and for now, Im off to swim 🙂

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