News from the Bus (is coming again)

Thank you thank you.. Ah, don’t mention it..

Hahaha Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, how you doing? You still looks sleepy, hey wake up rise and shine..haha I’m back again, sittin in the bus heading to my office and feel very happy. Why? Because the road is not that heavy, sun shines very bright outside, and I feel good due to my new haircut (will send you my picture soon, lol). Nevertheless, my head just hit by someone’s backpack that put in the over the head bag storage. Its okay, I’m good now, but shocked hahaha

So, yeah, Helmy Yahya just remarried, his news were all over the gossip program @tv, Century’s investigation by Pansus still on the way, and my condolences to Haitian people that just strucked by an enormous earthquake few days ago. You know what, we should do something, perhaps we should collect money from our groups, whatever the amount will be and send it to Haiti, or perhaps start a new facebook group asking more people to get involve to help. I feel thankful for the world that paid a big attention and gave a huge support and donation when Indonesia strucked by tsunami few years back, now I think its time to give back to the world community.

In the same time, just a glimpse news, yesterday Argentina was also hit by a 7 Richter Scale earthquake but thanks God no casualties since the epicenter of the earthquake was way far in the sea (app 300km away and 10km beneath the sea). Other news, in a few hours, the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be held in Beverly Hills, CA, USA. This award for the US television industry is predicted to be merrier than before due to Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien disputes over the late night shows of NBC (go Leno go Leno hahaha).

That’s it folks, Komdak is at my sight now. Have fun people, and take care.

Directly from the bus 🙂



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