Old news from the bus (re-post) II : Thankful

December 17, 2009

Fellas, good moning…How you guys doing this morning? Haven’t heard news from you so far, busy? Hope you’re all doing well..

So, Sancay kapan jadinya nih makan siang bareng? I bet Maya and my huggie sweetie Nita will join us h3 Trus, gimana kapan nih geng ibu2 BBM (donna, didiet, kikie, maya) mau ke Bapindo? Klo mampir kan bisa sambil nraktirin gw makan siang 🙂 Davy! Where you at man? “Busy”? H3 Seto, kamana wae jang? Milis teu kaurus ieuh, we need you..hahaha Dion, so how’s the deal buddy? Still waiting for your confirmation kapan dan dimana h3

Anyway, when was the last time you’re looking at your old photos? I remember Donna and Didiet told us that they still had our PPE era photos (mana bu, di upload dong h3) Last night I was looking at my old photos collection in my laptop. “Flipping” the photo one by one seeing lots of funny happy faces having good times seems like I was “walking through time”. Made me think how different I am now. Many things changed already. But most of all, I feel blessed. So friends, its good to look at the past to see how things change and feel thankful how God has been good to us. Yes, I know its easier to be thankful if our past is bad and now is better, but I’d like to say that its also okay to be thankful if our current condition is not that well compared with what we had in the past. I think it will make us realized that we forgot to say thanks for the goodness we had, then bad things happen to make us back to our track to say thanks to God. So, people count your blessings and be thankful. 

Have fun guys, have a great long weekend ahead. Take care. 

Bye now

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