Old news from the bus (re-post)


As my promised before that I will post my old shout, so here it is.. Mostly my “shout” was posted in our mailing list group, so I bet you will not familiar with the names and location within that story, or even the language because sometimes I used Bahasa instead of English. One other thing: these were my real experience, my thoughts while I was in the bus in the morning heading to my office . Hope you enjoy it (and leave comments if you want).

DECEMBER 7, 2009

Good morning people, how you doing? How’s your weekend? Hope y’all doing well..

Me myself, I’m doing great and I’m back on the bus again. Today is monday and the traffic is hilarious (as usual). Make me wonder; if this happen all the time and become an ordinary pattern why those people who in charge of this traffic problems in this city or even in the country level doesn’t even moved to mend the problem? I’m sure every people in the car and in the bus this morning feel the same way as I do.

So anyway, sorry for disturbing your beautiful morning with my complain about the traffic. Last Saturday night I went to our friend Davy wedding reception. I was so happy to meet my good old time friend. I met the happy newly wed couple Mr. Davy and Mrs. Murni Sihotang, Amir and his lovely wife and daughter, Dion and family (not forget to mention his cute daughter Adis), Mr. and Mrs. Nicoll with their “so bule” daughter (made me think to marry “bule” in the someday hahaha), Didiet and family (even though I didn’t saw your “rombongan” since you guys want to leave early when I met you ‘diet), Mr. Sheffik Arzie with his lovely daughter, who can’t stop talking about job opp in Bank Andara and forgot to introduce me to his wife (what a guy hahaha), and finally I saw Kikie from distance, busy with her son (what a good mother she was). That night I become the only one “single fighter” om (what a pity hahaha) surrounded by happy parents. Oh I wish I could find one and had children hahaha. O yeah, one question slightly tickle me that night, how you guys can have such a beautiful kids? What’s the trick? Hahaha

I want to close my blurbs this morning with a saying: please look around and be a part of change. I saw few things last week that made me sad. One toll road cleaning guy (tukang sapu jalan tol) who sweep the road with his broom, pulling the traffic orange cone tied with knot to his back (sambil narik kerucut orange pake tali dibelakangnya) as a caution to drivers who often take “bahu jalan” (which  mainly dedicated for emergency purposes). The other thing is when I was crossing the road from polda to bej in my way to bapindo. Aduh masa sih udah tau jalur penyebrangan dan org2 mau nyebrang, eh tau2 ada mobil dengan kaca gelap dengan pengawalan polisi dan sirene meraung-raung minta jalan. Please deh, utamakan dong si penyebrang jalan.. Jadi pengen nonjok.. (Sorry, jadi pake bahasa soalnya kalo marah kayanya jadi lebih nyambung h3). So guys, don’t drive at “bahu jalan” give it only to emergency purposes and bapak si tukang sapu jalan; and please utamakan para penyebrang dan pejalan kaki.

That’s it folks, have a great day :p


Si pemerhati lingkungan 🙂

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