The Journey

Hi everyone? Long time not see you around, how is it going? Missed me? No? Really? Coz I do 😀

Yes, it’s been a while since my last post (was it April this year?) and its been a while also since I abandoned the ship (I barely remember I had blogs lol By the way, just fyi, I got two blogs in WordPress: this one and “The Office Jets”, and o yeah one more to come aka on going process: “The Wet Hands”). Many things happened: work related thinging, business I always planned to get involved into, ups and downs in personal relationship (love for clear lol), illness I got in last two weeks, and lots more happened in my life these year and months back. But you know what, its been a journey to me. This month by the 28th, this blog will be two years old. Since firstly drafted, this blog with its humble purpose that is to share my experience in the U.S while pursuing my master degree, has been the official site to updates my thoughts. “The currents” were flows rapidly and will stays like that in another 20 years.

To commemorate this two-years-blogging occasion, you will notice some changes in this blog. Starting with the new themes which I thought more “progressive”, new widgets and photos, more posts and pages, and of course new name like before (I thought its cooler to have your very own name domain lol). Its still on going by the way, but in 28th this month the changes will be final.

Once again thanks for still here, whoever you are. Whether you just checking any new posts from me, reading articles that I thought awesome, commenting my writings, sending emails, or even looking if there is any new photos (nah, I just exaggerating lol), I really appreciate it. So, don’t go to my Facebook, just click here =)

See you around..



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