Too many great things in this world need to explore, and too little time accessible for it. So, I reckon this blog was created to encapsulate all the opportunity to seize it. Exist in the center of the well-seasoned blogs and dilettante one, it offers you as a reader a tedious objects to read and consider with an aim you will obtain something fascinating later and leave a comment(s).

My name is Hisar (Bataknese word for healthy and wealthy) also known as Joe for short and easy pronouncement (Joel is my middle name by the way); I was born in Indonesia, a beautiful country with very diversified cultures. Its the world’s largest archipelagic state with a population of estimated 222 million people (and still counting), and I spent my whole life there. I like to read and find some stories and news from diverse topic to be very interesting because it’s shows me a different cultures and another windows of life. Currently, I’m living in the United States.

I hope you enjoy my web log.